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Bob has recorded on many albums over his career.  Below are just some of them.


Front Range
The New Frontier

The New Frontier was the first CD that Bob recorded with the group, and the first CD that Front Range released on Sugar Hill Records in 1992.  Bob had only played two shows with the band before heading into the studio.  The bass Bob has in this photo was a rental bass he used a few times when he would be in Denver for shows.  It was a beautiful looking bass and had a C extension.  The C extension allows the bassist to play lower notes.  It extends the low E string up and through the top of the scroll, making the string longer.  It has three stops on it, one at the nut to preserve the E note, one for Eb (or D#), one for D, and one for Db (or C#).  This bass was not used on the recording though.  Bob flew to Denver with his 1957 Kay C-1 bass.

Released in 1993 Back to Red River was the band's second release.  Bob had recently bought his bass built by Joe Holovnia and flew it out to Denver for the session.  However, the for the photo session Bob had his Kay bass with him.  For the first few years Bob kept his Kay bass in Denver and his Holovnia bass in MA where he continued to live throughtout his time with Front Range.

Bob considers One Beautiful Day to be his favorite Front Range recording.  The band released this in 1995, and it was the first CD the band produced on their own.  They had been on a heavy touring schedule and were playing really well together.  This recording also features Bob's Holovnia bass after Joe had reworked the bass, and the sound is fantastic! Front Range won the 1995 IBMA Gospel Album of the Year with this CD too, which was quite an honor to receive.

Ramblin' on My Mind from 1997 was the first CD the band recorded outside of Colorado.  Bob Amos had moved to Virginia, and the band recorded with David McGlaughlin, known as the mandolin player for the Johnson Mountain Boys.  It was also the first digitally recorded project, and featured a more bluesy side of the band.  The pictures were taken in North Carolina.

Silent Ground was released in 2000.  The band recorded this at Bob Amos' home in Virginia.  Bob Amos and Bob Dick had ADAT studios, and combined their equipment for the sessions.  This was the last of the Sugar Hill albums.

The final Front Range recording, this was recorded live at a show put together by our friend Rick Lang in New Hampshire.  It contains many songs we had recorded on our earlier albums.  Songs tend to change and mature over the years, and the band wanted to capture these.  Also, Front Range was known for their highly entertaining live shows, and this CD contains some of their unique showmanship.  Ron Lynam's whistle speak intro to Plains of the Buffalo, and their crazy version of Hot Rod Lincoln are on this recording.  The band stopped playing after the death of mandolinist Mike Lantz on March 29, 2006.

Bob's first solo recording is a Christmas album.  Released in 2000, Tidings of Comfort Joy is a collection of popular Christmas carols arranged in an acoustic, bluegrass influenced style.  Most of the songs are sung with trio and quarted harmonies.  Bob plays guitar, bass, mandolin and fiddle, and his brother Dave adds banjo to two tracks.  Roger Williams adds dobro to a song. 

New Hampshire based songwriter Rick Lang has a CD of original Christmas and seasonal music.  Bob Dick produced & engineered, played bass and sang lead and harmony vocals.  Also features Dave Dick, Roger Williams, Karen Wilber, Valerie & Walter Crockett, Fran McConville, Mark Manuel, Lincoln Meyers, Rob Huffman, and Ken Taylor.

Recordings by SloGrass

SloGrass is a four piece band based in the Worcester, MA area.  Bob has been a member since 1993 and sings lead & harmony vocals, and plays bass.  Bob also recorded all 4 CDS.  For more info visit www.slograss.com


Bob has been playing with Blackstone Valley Bluegrass since its inception in 1998.  Bob plays guitar, resophonic guitar, and occasionally some bass, and sings lead and harmony vocals.  Bob engineered both recordings at Appleland Studios in Northbridge, MA.  For more info on the band, visit www.blackstonevalleybluegrass.com


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